Pro Bono Initiative

Learning Through Service

Students who perform a minimum of forty hours of volunteer work for an approved pro bono or public interest organization, or on an approved pro bono project, may receive one hour of Z credit. Students may combine work on more than one approved project in order to obtain the credit, and the work may be performed over more than one semester. In that case, the credit will be awarded in the semester in which the student completes the work. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING UP WITH THEIR HOURS ON VARIOUS PROJECTS AND MUST SUBMIT A LIST OF HOURS AND ACTIVITIES IN ORDER TO OBTAIN CREDIT.

Approval. For the organizations listed below, no advance approval is necessary. For other projects, a student should submit a written request to Registrar Eddie Upton and Professor Deborah Bell for advance approval. The request should describe the organization and the work the student will be doing for the organization.

Certification.  When the student’s work is completed, the student should submit a written statement certifying that he/she provided forty hours of volunteer service, listing the organization(s), a brief description of the work performed, (i.e. interviewed clients) and the name and contact information for the student’s immediate supervisor(s). The certification should be sent to Professor Deborah Bell ( and Eddie Upton (

Approved organizations:

North Mississippi Rural Legal Services
Central Mississippi Legal Services
Mississippi Center for Justice
Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP)
Law School Clinical or Pro Bono Programs
Public Interest Law Foundation
Pro Bono Initiative